The effect on the human poulation

Positive Effects of Population Growth

Overconsumption and Human impact on the environment Some more problems associated with or exacerbated by human overpopulation and over-consumption are: At the root of overpopulation is the difference between the overall birth rate and death rate in populations. It seems to be associated with social welfare making it unnecessary to have many children so at least one or two survive to take care of the parents in old age.

All of this will only become worse if solutions are not sought out for the factors affecting our population. Making People Aware of Family Planning: Poverty is the biggest hallmark we see when talking about overpopulation. Take a look at Shenzhen, China.

What Are Some Negative Effects of Population Growth?

Melting of polar ice caps, changing climate patternsrise in sea level are few of the consequences that we might we have to face due to environment pollution.

Medical science made many discoveries thanks to which they were able to defeat a whole range of diseases. Global life expectancy at birth is expected to continue rising from 65 years in — to 75 years in — Those people are unable to understand the harmful effects of overpopulation and lack of quality education prompts them to avoid family planning measures.

Carrying capacity This article appears to contradict the article Carrying capacity. Most of the environmental damage being seen in the last fifty odd years is because of the growing number of people on the planet.

For example, when death rates fell during the 19th and 20th century — as a result of improved sanitation, child immunizations, and other advances in medicine — allowing more newborns to survive, the fertility rate did not adjust downward, resulting in significant population growth.

In many poor countries, slums exhibit high rates of disease due to unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of basic health care. This means that people have to pay more to survive and feed their families.

Starvation is a huge issue facing the world and the mortality rate for children is being fuelled by it. There may be 1,5 to 2 billion humans in space, which would give the SA a total population of 13,5 billion inor even more if there are worlds more populous than Terra Nova.

Birth rates are now falling in a small percentage of developing countrieswhile the actual populations in many developed countries would fall without immigration.

How will they cope if their population doubles?The effects of human overpopulation have been documented in the history of Easter Island, where a human population with finite resources was nearly wiped out when their consumption increased beyond what the island could sustain.

An island once lush with diverse plant and animal species and fertile volcanic soil became nearly uninhabitable. Positive Effects of Population Growth Population growth sometimes can take on negative connotations, such as in third-world countries where brimming populations tax resources beyond limits.

However, many believe population growth has positive effects on. Some negative effects of population growth are insecurity, crime, unemployment, underdevelopment, inequitable sharing of resources, and increased pollution of the environment.

These negative effects lead to subsequent problems such as clashes and fighting for dwindling resources, poor sanitation. Human Population growth and the effect on natural resource consumption In the last 50 years the world population has grown faster than ever.

Overpopulation is an undesirable condition where the number of existing human population exceeds the carrying capacity of Earth. Overpopulation is caused by number of factors. Reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, depletion of precious resources are few of the causes which results in overpopulation.

Human overpopulation

The human population has gone through a number of periods of growth since the dawn of civilization in the Holocene period, around 10, BCE. The beginning of civilization roughly coincides with the receding of glacial ice following the end of .

The effect on the human poulation
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