The business case for firm-level work-life balance policies a review of the literature

The shared imperatives for employers and community colleges to collaborate. Mangione, TW Mail surveys: New ideas from the winners of the alfred P.

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

The relationship of perceived flexibility, supportive work-life policies, and use of formal flexible arrangements and occasional flexibility to employee engagement and expected retention.

Monthly Labor Review, 11 A relationship that matters for older workers Issue Brief No. Flexible and compressed workweek schedules: Availability and perceived accessibility. Silverman, D Doing Qualitative Research: A McKinsey global survey. Yasbeck, P The business case for firm-level work-life balance policies: Older workers staying more active.

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Program perspectives on paid-leave benefits, "vacations, holidays, and personal leave: An imperative for expansion Washington, DC:REFERENCES Content prepared by the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College (1) Aequus Partners. ().

Is entrepreneurship the answer to achieving work–family balance?

Workplace flexibility: Advice, training, research. So, most of my literature review is from the above mentioned sources. Motivation studies The article which majorly inspired me to take up this study on work / life balance measures effectiveness is the article named “The business case for firm-level work-life balance policies: a review of the literature” by Philippa Yasbek.4/4(5).

Employees in the workforce that fulfill family and work commitments have achieved a sense of work-life balance ("The business imperative," ). The distinction between work and personal life used to be clear. Yasbeck, P.

Unveiling the Work–Life System

(), The Business Case for Firm‐Level Work‐Life Balance Policies: A Review of the Literature, Department of Labour, Wellington.

[Google Scholar] Appendix 1.

Full-Text Paper (PDF): Assessing the implications of work-life balance practices on employees’ performance in the hospitality sector. The business case for firm-level work-life balance policies: a.

review of the literature by Philippa Yasbek Labour Market Policy Group Department of Labour.

The business case for firm-level work-life balance policies a review of the literature
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