Pestel analysis of john lewis and oxfam

Environmental The renewable source of resources used in production, namely cotton and wool are environmentally friendly. Maby some key findings? Furthermore discounts could be offered as there are many less overheads involved in the running of the store.

The biggest threat to John Lewis comes from within the business itself, its own structure. Technological Internet shopping is the main trend for the retailing industry, directly influence the sales approach.

By doing so this may reduce costs to the company which in turn may lead to higher profit margins. Therefore in theory if enough shareholders got together to oppose the managing body of the company and the business is left without any clear leader.

Our recommendation is to look into the personal finance market. That being a partnership structure, hence everybody is a share holder. Therefore the only value added John Lewis can add is their customer service, however this is something that can easily be replicated and as such many competitors may start offering a John Lewis service but at a more competitive price.

The essential range will help them do so, while watching their pennies.

The company could use this to its advantage by purchasing the goods now, holding them in storage and then sell them at a higher price when the market picks up.

The business itself is a partnership meaning that everybody has an equal share of the company profits. As a result this may lead to a severe loss of sales hence there is no particular market segment on which to take control of.

It could be argued that there is some level of saturation but consumers are always looking for the best deal and a company that installs pride and trust. No generic book summaries, but the specific content you need to ace your exams. An analysis of Porters Strategic fit will also help to lead to both recommendations and conclusions upon what the business does well and on what it needs to do better or expand into in order to become more successful.

This idea now expands onto John Lewis economical impact with John Lewis making numerous large charitable donations each month, funding projects from a local level right through to trying to solve poverty in Africa.

John Lewis PESTEL Analysis

Competitors from Europe can enter the UK market without any limit or limitation. As a business it has all ready introduced the John Lewis credit card which works both as a store card but can also be used for other purchases in other outlets.

However by expanding into areas such as supermarkets through Waitrose and Ocardo, and the introduction of budget lines into the stores, John Lewis had started looking more at its cost focus, that being attempting to sell lower costing goods while still trying to retain some level of exclusivity.

Payments are handled through a secure TLS-Connection so your information is always well protected. Earn hundreds of pounds each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. As a result of people generally becoming wealthier however, John Lewis prices have been deemed to be more acceptable and as such the market opens up creating a Differentiation strategy.

Furthermore this means that there are no large shareholders making corporate decisions without some level of consultation, producing a more thought out course of action.

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Varying exchange rates can also provide threats to John Lewis as prices for the goods imported can vary dramatically depending upon when they were bought. The John Lewis credit card is all ready proving popular with its customers, and offering a To some degree this has worked with the introduction of a lower cost range into the Waitrose stores.

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This is more prevalent now John Lewis has started selling laptops and desktop computers as they can then offer a whole range of extras from carry cases to software right through to insurance.OXFAM PEST Analysis Case of 2 pages for the course 1 at Havering College of Further and Higher Education (London).

John Lewis also has large opportunities for expansion into other markets, for example personal finance. The John Lewis credit card is all ready proving popular with its customers, and offering a % return to the company in charges on those who don't pay their bills at the end of the month.

Check out the best study documents that are recommended for your studies relating to Oxfam SWOT PESTLE PESTEL analysis, NGO. Check out the best study documents that are recommended for your studies relating to Oxfam SWOT PESTLE PESTEL analysis, NGO.


Home; The Long Wait, John Lewis. Introduction The John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s leading retail businesses with 29 John Lewis department stores, 8 John Lewis at home stores,, Waitrose supermarkets, 31 Waitrose convenience stores, and business to business contracts in the UK and abroad.

John Lewis has done a lot of things to face the impact politics have had on them. The sale of good act has made John Lewis train their staff a lot more when they market their product to the public. They try not be biased and over exaggerate what the. John Lewis Partnership Profile John Lewis Partnership (JLP) is a UK leading retail company which operates department stores and supermarkets.

Products of this company include furniture, kitchenware, clothing items, groceries and organic foods.

Pestel analysis of john lewis and oxfam
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