My favourite pet dog

It was only one month old when Dad brought it home. I like to play with it. I call it Jim. It is two years old. Some days he eats eggs too. It has grown wonderfully strong and can easily be the envy of many dog — lovers.

It accompanies me when I go out for a walk. I have taken great pains in training my dog. It goes with me. In our neighbour lived Mr.

I have a pet dog. The dogs have been in the service of man since the dawn of civilization. He was a great canine lover. I also take it with me when I go out for the morning and evening walks in the fields.

It saw the danger we were in. The dog is an omnivores animal. I cannot think or my life without him. Its doggie manners are to be seen not to be believed. He is an unusual dog. I never give him sweets for they would spoil his splendid coat of hair. I came to possess it there years back.

They can take good training.

Describe your pet or your favourite animal

He is a loving friend of humans. We also play together with a ball and stick.Essay on “My Pet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. My favourite animal: My favourite animal is the rabbit. Rabbit has got long ears.

It\’s eyes are big and black, but when it is dark it\’s eyes are red. It has got two long teeth. It\’s nose is small and soft pink.

My Favorite Animal

It\’s tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. It\’s legs are small. It doesn\’t walk, it jumps. I like dogs because they are fluffy.

I also like dogs because you can pet some of them and they will not bite. Sometimes they will bite. I also like dogs because they can be different sizes and different breeds. They are sometimes nice and they can also be mean.

My Favorite Pet

But they are normally nice. I only like nice dogs because they do not hurt you. Essay/ My Favorite Pet M y favorite pet is my French Poodle dog, is name is Joy. He alway makes me happy.

Playing with him is a lot of fun. He is very obedient but is still difficult to care for. Joy is the best pet.

My Pet Animal Essay – My Pet Dog English Essay for kids

That´s the reason why he is my favorite pet. It begins to wag its tail when it sees me. It licks my feet. I like to play with it. I throw a ball. It runs after it and brings it back holding it in its mouth.

It can swim. It answers to its name. It is very intelligent. It carries my messages to my friends. It runs after cats and barks at strangers and other dogs. Professional and dependable pet sitting and dog walking service serving the communities of Playa Vista and Playa del Rey.

My favourite pet dog
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