Market segmentation of icici bank

It had introduced concept of branding in the banking industry. High-end savings products may include higher dollar value money market and savings accounts, certificates of deposits and other long-term savings products intended to derive great monetary value from customers.

Investment A fast-growing segment in traditional banks is in the investment product sector. Also there are various point of purchase tools for different products to reach relevant customer segment.

The promotion is mainly through print media. ICICI has followed modernization by making technology as the backbone of all its operations. It has achieved this by cross selling of products as a major area of focus. With the evolution of the Internet in the early 21st century and many more people managing their own stock, bond and other investments, traditional banks have expanded significantly into this sector.

Other initiatives include Cross brand associations i. Again, banks can market investment solutions to existing customers with bundled benefits.

Several common segmentation strategies exist. Basis of Segmentation Occupation — Different products for different occupational segment identified.

Age — Different products like student account. Loans For many banks, loans are a huge segment of banking operations. It tailors its marketing campaigns to meet the needs of target prospects. Commercial Products Banks segment customers into two general categories before breaking down those markets into product benefits: For this, it targeted and acquired customers in different market segments.

Pricing is one area every bank has to be careful about. However, many banks have attempted to bolster relationships with their standard banking customers by developing packages whereby customers get added value by combining a checking and savings account and often better interest rates with automatic checking-to-savings transfers.

Standard Banking One of the largest common benefit segments offered by a bank is for its standard checking and savings banking products. However, many traditional banks market to both types and offer products in similar areas for businesses because of their normally larger size and scope regarding money management.

Traditionally, individual investors have had to set up separate investment accounts with niche investment banks.

ICICI faced tremendous criticism during the worldwide banking failure, owing to some toxic assets and also for the loan recovery methods.

Banks often target consumers in this segment through traditional media like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. ICICI has always made an effort to reach the customer rather than waiting for them. ICICI is one bank which uses and applies international practices to the local context.

These products are sometimes marketed through traditional means, but they are also often marketed to existing standard customers who may have interest in moving up in savings value at some point. But it will always be recalled as the most innovative brand, pioneering the modern day Indian banking Share this: Home loans and auto loans make up a significant portion of bank lending, but equity loans, student loans and personal loans are also common.

Co-branding initiatives include alliance with Amway India for launch of international credit card. Auto loan offers make sense in car-related media.

Some of the promotion tools used are promotional material at channel partner outlets, billboards, signboards, kiosks at residential and commercial complexes and organising events at corporate campuses.Market segmentation is a common marketing practice that means breaking down a larger target market into smaller, more manageable market segments to improve marketing efficiency, sales and service.

Like killarney10mile.comt private sector bank in India. consistent with the bank's risk REPORT I had visited to ICICI bank and HDFC Bank to gather the information about my project Market killarney10mile.coment products like student account.4/4(5).

MARKET STRATEGY OF ICICI BANK ICICI Bank uses the concept of Universal Banking. Universal Banking Concept Documents Similar To Icici Bank Segmentation. STP Analysis for ICICI Bank. Uploaded by. Umang Jain. Marketing Mix in ICICI. Uploaded by. isharp_imu. icici bank imc.

Market Segments for the Banking Industry

Uploaded by. market segmentation &competitive analysis of banking products axis bank presented by: shivangi pgfb pgdm(g) 2. ABOUT COMPANY• It was previously known as UTI and changed its name to Axis in year • It was established in and was among first players to start its business in india.•.

Dec 11,  · ICICI – Segmentation, targeting, Positioning. Posted on December 11, ICICI is one bank which uses and applies international practices to the local context.

For identifying the need of the customers, it has a ‘Product development department’, which continuously studies the market and analyses the competitive landscape.

Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of ICICI Bank – It uses demographic & psychographic segmentation strategies to segment the market and caters the changing needs of the customers.

Income, age, social class, occupation are some of the segment variables ICICI uses to segment the market and satisfy their growing .

Market segmentation of icici bank
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