Integrative biology honors thesis

They may select research mentors from among research faculty in the entire biological research community on campus. Students without a 3. Your advisor will challenge you to self-reflect, to critically think about your Integrative biology honors thesis and strategies, and to develop decision-making skills.

If you are a sophomore or junior, interested in pursuing honors your senior year, now is a good time to look for a lab position.

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Understand how scientific information is obtained. There should be at least two faculty members approving the thesis. Mathematics Honors Program The Honors Sequence in Mathematics is for highly motivated and mathematically talented freshmen and sophomores who are interested in mathematics, engineering, and sciences.

English Honors Program The Department of English offers a series of honors seminars on special topics. Students who have fulfilled specific requirements may graduate with highest distinction, high distinction, or distinction. Unless students object to having their thesis available online or in the Texas ScholarWorks or their supervising professor does not want the data made available prior to formal publication, students should submit the permission page when submitting to Texas ScholarWorks.

The senior honors thesis gives the student an opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on an extended research project and is an Integrative biology honors thesis preparation for graduate-level work in the field. The abstract, which briefly defines the problem and summarizes results, is generally 1 — 2 pages and is written at a level readable by almost any undergraduate in the College.

Careers The biology major encourages our students to begin working on their career exploration and preparation soon after arriving on campus.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Oscar E. Students should consult with their college or department advisor for information on specific credit requirements. Under the close direction of the professor, the student writes a thesis, which is submitted to a designated faculty committee several weeks in advance of graduation.

Honors students are allowed to conduct research in either on-campus or off-campus labs. Residency Degree candidates are required to earn a minimum of 30 credits in residence at UW—Madison. Two semesters of Senior Honors Thesis research and6 total credits must be taken; the first semester can be done during the summer, especially for students doing field research.

Directed study allows students to gain experience in a wide range of research areas in biology and to learn research techniques that are not easily taught in the classroom.

For information, including minimum academic requirements for admission, contact the Undergraduate Studies Office, Psychology Building,or visit the Psychology Honors Program website. The PDF or hard copy and a copy of the signed cover page should be given to the Honors faculty advisor by the date indicated onthe department guidelines.

In addition to the requirements for a senior thesis, to graduate with Distinction in the Zoology Major, students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.

In the biology major, students are assigned to an adviser according to last name. The co-supervising professor must also approve the thesis, if the primary supervisor is not a member of the department.

Students must let their advisor know when they are planning to graduate and make sure that both they themselves and their research supervisor understand the process and deadlines.

Honors in the major is especially appropriate for students who are considering graduate work in the biological sciences or who want an especially rigorous training in research, reasoning, and writing skills useful to a wide range of career choices.

To graduate with distinction in English, students must take three seminars and complete either an honors essay or an honors thesis. Careers The Department of Integrative Biology encourages our majors to begin working on their career exploration and preparation soon after arriving on campus. Biocore curriculum courses can also be applied.

History Honors Program History majors have the opportunity to graduate with distinction through a departmental honors program. Students should speak with their supervising professor or the Honors Advisor in their department to ascertain their expectations.

For more information, contact the School of Integrative Biology at or visit the Integrative Biology Honors Program website.The Honors student in Molecular Biology is one who wishes to prepare for graduate or professional school in the most rigorous and challenging ways available on our campus.

For the Honors student in Molecular Biology, our faculty endeavor to provide enriching academic opportunities: these include a selection from the list of advanced courses. Integrative Biology Honors Program The Honors Program in integrative biology is designed to offer outstanding, highly motivated students the chance to experience all that biology has to offer at the University of Illinois.

Integrative Biology Honors.

Honors in Integrative Biology

Home About IB IB IB Students Blog SURFing US-ASPB with Alex Riley However, keep reading if you're thinking about senior thesis, interested in finding a job right after graduation, or just want to know what I'm up to. I'm part of the awesome cohort that graduated last spring, but I was one of those few.

To apply, students must pick up an Honors form from either the L&S Honors Office at Observatory Drive or the Biology Major Office at Linden Drive.

Zoology, B.S.

A Senior Honors Thesis is required. Students earning the Integrative Biology Honors Concentration will also earn the CHEM minor 1 Continuation in the Integrative Biology Honors Concentration requires a grade of B or better in each of IBIB.

Biology has more UHC students than any other major on campus, and the coupling of Honors with either major is an excellent preperation for graduate or professional schools. Links University Honors College.

Integrative biology honors thesis
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