Impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy processes products and services

The iPod was first released as a 5 gigabyte unit able to store around songs. Nike is the number one producer of sport shoes across the international market. What are Innovation,Creativity and Design?

The iMac was selling about one million units per year Apple Computer, ; the new body and translucent design helped reintroduce Apple in to the market, customers, and reestablished the organizations new direction highlighting the significance on design and personalization of the services and products.

Apple continues to build on proven products, making them slimmer, capable of storing more information and able to perform multiple applications. Retrieved on July 10, from: The Mac OS X which completely overhauled the user interface by marring the stability, security and reliability of Unix and lastly the iPod and IPhone, Apples new flag ship products Apple Computer, Microsoft Surface introduces revolutionary processes and applications to all public and private services.

Microsoft offers specialized products for industries such as the government, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment and retail. Microsoft is at the forefront of innovation and creativity providing software and hardware products for computing devices that in turn allow individuals and organizations to find creative and innovative applications to the technology to communicate and conduct business effectively and profitably.

The Surface represents the next generation of computer software and hardware technology with a profitable business opportunity.

Already a second generation of the Surface is under development and testing, Microsoft believes that as the Surface continues to evolve the Surface will be used at every level and industry ranging from defense, education, and creative industries such as film and fashion.

Since the release of the iPod in the iPod has evolved in to an assortment of products such as the mini, iPod touch, the shuffle, iPod classic, iPod Nano and most recently the iPhone.

The computing surface platform responds to natural hand movements and capable of identifying real objects. Just about every industry, private or public uses Microsoft products.

Apple understands the customer needs and how each of the products offered will satisfy those needs. Hire Writer The impact of innovation is clear when looking at how any organization reacts and interacts with the changes of the market.

Today Nike is known as the biggest training shoe company in the world. Retrieved July 17, from: Apple first concentrated on developing the iMac which proved to be a success in addition, buying Apple time to restructure completely the organization.

All three organizations mentioned above used innovation and creativity to transform, reinvent, transition and modify the services and products they offer in order to accommodate the market needs and demands. In all three of the examples innovation modified the business strategy to result in competitive advantage, meet and exceeding the expectations of the customers and provide the organization with future growth.

Innovation has proven to be an important advantage and ingredient for growth, profitability and major contributor to the business strategy. Apple was founded in by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who were looking for innovative ways to transform the digital computer in to a household appliance.

Impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy

Retrieved on July 17, How to cite this page Choose cite format: Today Nike continues to seek out innovative ways to develop advanced athletic products and methods in which creatively communicate and relate with the market.

Retrieved on July 17, from: One of the first strategic moves was to concentrate on the process and products that Apple would be profitable with.

The technology behind Surface is called multi-touch and has been under development for at least 25 years. Microsoft has successfully used innovation to maintain a competitive advantage and market share. Just as when the desktop was introduced and all the applications that come with it, the Surface will once again change the way in which people conduct business, interact with one another, shop, search for information, and entertainment.

impact of innovation and creativity

Each of Apples products continues to undergo innovative changes that are affecting the strategy, product and service. The Surface is revolutionary and a huge impact to Microsoft because of the future possibilities and innovations that will follow it.

The Surface will allow every user to improve and remove communication barriers, facilitate social interaction, build customer loyalty, and provide a unique and personalized shopping experience. The surface is able to identify finger orientation with multi touch and multi user applications.

Every feature and service Apple provides has a specific purpose and targeted audience, the color, the size, capabilities and the services needed to fully support the products are strategically created to serve each purpose.

Through its innovative marketing strategy Nike modified the products they offered and services provided to their customers. From the first computing software applications and hardware, Apple consistently found innovative ways to expand around the world beginning with the Apple II computer which was widely adopted in the education sector during the s Starrto the latest innovation that catapult Apple as a leader in the digital industry, the IPhone.

The first organization that will be evaluated is Microsoft. References A Brief history of Microsoft. As long as Nike continued to innovate on new designs of their products and processes with their assertive advertising and marketing strategies, Nike will be able to maintain leadership in innovation, product development and marketing in the sports-wear industry.

Organizational Impact Essay

Founder Phil Knight saw the need for a market that provided athletic shoes designed by athletes for athletes. In Apple introduced the first generation of the iPod. Microsoft is one of the most profitable, most innovative and successful organizations in the world. Secrets of an Innovator.To encourage creativity and innovation within your organization, you need to create the framework that draws out the ingenuity residing in your staff.

Let them know that their creativity is an organizational priority. This paper will examine the impact of innovation on Apple, Microsoft, Nike Inc. and describe how each company’s strategy, processes, products, and or services have been affected by innovation. To understand the impact of innovation on strategy, processes, products and services the definition of innovation needs to be understood.

Evaluate the impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy, processes, products and services of Google. Innovation, Creativity, and Design for a Competitive Advantage.

Impact Of Innovation And Creativity On The Organizational Strategy Processes Products And Services CREATIVITY & INNOVATION STRATEGY Introductions Definition of innovation found in the literature vary, some are general and broad, while others focus on specific innovations like the implementation of an idea for a new product or serviceIn.

Organizational ImpactOrganizations use innovation and creativity to transform, reinvent, transition and modify the services and products they offer in order to accommodate the market needs and demands.

Change is difficult for organizations that do not 5/5(1). Impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy Add Remove Please evaluate the impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy, processes, products, and services of McDonald's Corporation.

Impact of innovation and creativity on the organizational strategy processes products and services
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