Gcse resistant materials coursework folder

Give out these questionnaires to 10 people and then display your findings using a mixture of text and charts or graphs. You will be marked on how successfully you have completed these tasks.

Present design solutions using a range of graphic techniques and ICT including computer-aided design CADto generate, develop, model and communicate design Page 19 Delete this text box only and print page.

Use al this information to assist your pages in coursework. Under each image write the price range of each product. One cheap, one middle priced and one expensive. Developed a detailed specification? Paste the problem from slide 7 here.

Page 9 Objective Two Tasks to Complete 1. Photographs, Magazines, Catalogues or brochures. Identified and collected data Gcse resistant materials coursework folder to the users of the product? Examined the intended purpose, form and function of the product?

This page explains how, where and what you will need to do now you have a design brief. This is the end of objective one. You now need to analyse these images: See slide 11 for example. When you have completed this attach your theme board as the background.

In this text box you wil need to insert writing detailing your chosen problem. What will you include in your product and why?

Page 2 Objective One Tasks to Complete 1. Where would you go to buy this product. You will brainstorm the problem of your choice. You wil not get ful marks if some of your work is not drawn in this way. You can use charts or graphs to display these findings in a clear way. It states the kind of item which will be designed and made.

Make sure you pick a product which you are very interested in. Example of Problem Problem: Theme board is a selection of images connected with your problem.

Grades that can be achieved wil depend on the level you are entered for: You can delete this writing once you have understood what you need to do. Delete this text box and print 1.

Every detail you need to cover is included. Price, Size, Material, Age suited for etc. What it is made of? Does your detailed specification include the capability for batch production?

New products are always being developed and some are totally new ideas. Educational toys can help people learn important information in a fun and pleasurable way how can this be applied to a product.

What age group do you come into: Is it suitable for your target group? You can then compare it to see how it is used today- is it just the same?

Identified the range of users for which the product is intended. You should try and answer the following points: Develop a design brief for a marketable product. Remember this is an example.

OCR Resistant Materials

Design ideas Page GCSE Resistant Materials. Extra curricular. Resistant Materials; Day: Subject: Focus: Wed: Year 11 Resistant Materials pm - pm: Coursework Folder Controlled Assessment (making) GCSE Examination prep: Helpful Links & Resources.

Controlled ASSESSMENT tasks. Specification at a glance. GCSE speciļ¬cations are written to the National Curriculum ey Stage 4 which themselves build ammes of study at K progr he teacher T. ammes of study ey Stage 3 progr upon the K. There is also a coursework folder breakdown of what you should consider on your coursework sheets.

View the GCSE product design project briefs as a PowerPoint file. Images and useful web links are included within this presentation. What materials will you use to make your product? Include an introduction and conclusion.

AQA GCSE RM Project Templates This is a guide for pupils studying AQA Resistant Materials. Each slide provides suggestions for what should be included on each page of the design /5(18).

Materials Resistant Materials Resistant Materials Resistant Materials GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant Materials () GCSE Design and Technology: Resistant materials () Controlled Assessment Tasks and Guidance Introduction to your Resistant Materials Coursework Your Resistant Materials project needed to complete your design folder.

GCSE Design and Technology Project, Resistant Materials- Breadbin 1. Name: Oliver DerhamCandidate Number:Lord Wandsworth CollegeCentre Number: Resistance .

Gcse resistant materials coursework folder
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