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The result is obtained by administering the questionnaire and conducting a literature research. The company has little need to constantly diversify its products because oil is a natural commodity that people will always be in need of, therefore the effort of research is put in making the Exxon mobil organizational plan essay products more efficient and effective.

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His statement may not win lot of the critics of the oil and gas industry; however, it is a change in the hard-line stance from the previous CEO. Tillerson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in ExxonMobil strives to anticipate customer needs through various strategies.

The analysis of the future competitor environment is important because it gives our firm a yardstick or a measuring standard to align and restructure it so that it can have the flexibility and dynamic abilities to cope up with the volatility of the future environment.

There is a huge competition between the companies to find the new sources of oil and gas. Analysis of all the segments together yields inaccurate results and will violate the purpose of the research.

Another sales strategy is increased refining capacity in countries such as Singapore in order to boost sales to meet the exponential increase in demand for petroleum products in countries such as China Zhihong, ; and new mergers and acquisition such as those with XTO Energy to meet increased global demand forecast of 2.

ExxonMobil expects to be in the forefront when there is a growing demand for energy in the growing economy. Sales aggressiveness translates into better annual financial performance. It has become very complex, nonlinear, and unpredictable.

If the future innovation aggressiveness of oil and gas companies is expected to be aggressive it will fall between 4 or 5 scale. During when other oil companies were overspending for projects to take advantage of the rising oil price, Exxon refused to do so and stuck to its guns even when faced with criticism CNN, The oil industry will come up with better working innovation in advertisement and also pertaining to the environment and pricing concerns they will try to make positive impacts in the minds of the customers through well-planned public relations.

Averaging the four factors the future competitor marketing turbulence will be on a scale of 4. Conclusions The research led the team to come to the following conclusions, that ExxonMobil is at the top of the industry and that is not an accident.

ExxonMobil adopts a disciplined leadership style. A analyst report shows that ExxonMobil accounts for about 1. The environment and the market are no longer simple and linear like it was couple centuries ago.

Unlike most top companies whose top position is occupied by people they have hired from a competing industry or a different company altogether, ExxonMobil has a culture of promoting employees from within.

It has pursued increased market share strategies both in the United States and in the global front through mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures including: The entire IT department is founded on improving communication systems so information can flow efficiently throughout every level of the corporation.

Research indicates that ExxonMobil has a track record of adopting aggressive market strategies to stay at the helm of the global oil and gas industry.

The future environment turbulence provides a metaphorical description of the coming environment or the state of future. Organizational Assessment Using the Ansoff Model, the next step is to assess the organizational structure of the Exxon Mobil to see which level of turbulence the organization is profiled to suit Underwood, In an oil and gas industry, the subject of global warming or climate change is always a tricky issue.

Coll and Myers, This method of analysis is founded on the level of chaos and the level of change in the future environment.

Competitor firms no longer abide by the principle of matching with their competitors in terms of the strategy. Various segments of the company have different sets of factors that need to be assessed.

The acquisition of XTO Energy was described by Gelsi as another step in enabling ExxonMobil to accelerate the development of unconventional natural gas and oil resources.

He presents the problem as a manageable challenge and not a crisis, which extends to the value of the company.

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Innovation in technology is an important area to because the source of energy is often found in challenging environment. The research was conducted on an intelligence basis using the questionnaire. The firm uses these parameters in its overall marketing strategy in order to ensure that it achieves the needs of its market segments.

This industry is mainly involved in the activities like exploration to find the new sources or utilize the existing sources more efficiently. Understanding the Future Competitive Environment Before measurement and analysis of the competitor environment turbulence, it is very important to understand the factors of each segment or slices of the segment that gives measurement standard and what the turbulence really signifies.

The focus of power is definitely by the senior executive and the board of directors, which turns some people off, but ExxonMobil believes is best for their company. After these two turbulences are calculated they are averaged to determine the future environment turbulence.

The company corporate unit management structure is based on differentiated control locations as well as segmentation. Kimberly revealed that inExxonMobil spent? However, evidence shows that the firm is capable of diversifying its product portfolio. The result is the very aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the oil industries to gain their market share and sell more of their product.

Speed of Decision Making:The Exxon Mobil Corporation is committed to enhancing the long term value of the investment and expands the global market. The Exxon Mobil Corporation are believe that, there shareholders will be rewarded with greatly return due. Exxon Mobil- Corporate Strategic Analysis.

H - Exxon Mobil- Corporate Strategic Analysis introduction.

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Igor Ansoff, also known as “Father of Strategic Management,” propounded a model of Strategic Management, which is a profit enhancing model that predicts the future environment turbulence of companies and helps measure the company’s own strategic.

Exxon Mobil’s organizational structure is designed according to a grouping of segments from units, sections, divisions, and departments that work harmoniously towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Next, the author reviews literature about the oil industry and ExxonMobil, examines elements needed for the strategic plan including its organizational behavior, human resource issues, a SWOT analysis and makes recommendations for future directions. ExxonMobil Structure and Control Systems Essay.

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Exxon Mobil Corporation makes its unparalleled distinction through an exceptional, organizational structure based on functionality. Each of the company’s line of business companies oversees a targeted group of operations around the operational stations in the world with an overseeing.

From advanced fuels to lightweight materials, ExxonMobil researchers are helping customers drive further, pump less and reduce emissions.

Exxon mobil organizational plan essay
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