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Essay on rabies Schedule of Vaccine for Rabies 7. Essay on rabies diagnosis in this type of cases can be missed. It is given intramuscularly one dose 1 ml in the deltoid muscle of alternate arms on days of 0, 3, 7, 14, 30 and 90 days. After reading this essay you will learn about: This may be accompanied with paralysis before death.

If the animal remains alive without any symptom for more than 10 days, rabies can be excluded. Between 60 and 70 dogs and around cats are reported rabid each year in the U.

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The incubation period is ten days to two years after the bite of rabid animals, its duration depends on the distance between the point of entry and the brain: Pay only for approved parts Health Essay Sample: The stage lasts only fews days before the onset of a coma, then death.

In Switzerland, the authorities distributed vaccine-laced chicken heads throughout the Swiss Alps. Antibody to G protein lyses infected cells in presence of complement. Rabies is a "comprehensive" discussion about a major global disease, focusing on the history of the disease from ancient times, diagnostic evaluation of animal and human cases, immunological responses to the virus, and public health management recommendations.

The portal of entry is the bite and the rabies virus in the infected saliva is introduced into the wound or scratch or abrasion contaminated by saliva. Rabies is a most feared disease because it can cause fatal attack to human brain and nervous systems.

Contact local animal control officials or police departments if you see animals roaming Do not approach wild animals: Traveling The prevalence of rabies varies widely in different countries.

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Introduction to Rabies 2. Laboratory Diagnosis of Rabies 5. A small number of people have survived rabies, but most cases are fatal once the symptoms develop.

This period may last from two weeks to six months, and often the original wound will have healed and been forgotten by the time symptoms begin to occur. Hundreds of thousands of animals undergo tests and observation. Written in the dual-language diplomacy of the UN, this is the World Health Organization position on vaccinating for rabies in an international context.

They may need breathing assistance.

Essay on Rabies

Prevention Rabies is a serious disease, but individuals and governments can and do take action to control and prevent, and, in some cases, wipe it out completely. In nations without a feral dog population, the rates are significantly lower.

The patients complain of dry throat, but they will not drink. She was put in comma to allocate more time for her immune system to clear the virus. Meanwhile, industrialized nations and parts of Latin America are wiping out rabies.

The presented health essay sample was posted to show our customers how papers of such kind ought to be written. I Then diagnosis in man should be carried out on the basis of clinical findings.

If a person develops symptoms of viral encephalitis following an animal bite, they should be treated as if they may have rabies. As a last resort, Dr. The virus is often present in the salivary glands of infected animals, referred to as rabid, and is excreted in the saliva.

HDCV is only licensed vaccine in U.

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The former is called such because of the severe nature and range of the symptoms. Various vaccines are used to confer active immunity. This is carried out in persons who handle severely infected animals and is given intradermally at monthly intervals and followed by yearly boosters.

Find out how often you need to vaccinate your cat, dog, ferret, and other domestic or farm animals, and keep up the vaccinations. The time it takes to do this depends on the length of the nerve it must travel - a bite on the foot will have a much lengthier incubation period than a facial bite would.

Since contact with wild animals is the main source of infection for humans and their pets, avoidance of any direct contact with these animals reduces the risk of being bitten quite dramatically.

In recent years, the prevalence of rabies in South America and the Caribbean has fallen significantly, due to rabies control programs. Contains no nerve tissue, it avoids the neuroparalytic accidents. It induces and reacts with virus neutralizing antibody.

Over 30, Indians die of Rabies every year.Read a health essay answering the question why rabies is more dangerous to humans, than to dogs.

Order similar papers from us all the year round. This part of the essay will give you the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the rabies infection. The infectious disease known as rabies is a virus that spreads from the wound to the central nervous system, causing the body to malfunction until finally crashing down.

ADVERTISEMENTS: In this essay we will discuss about Rabies. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Introduction to Rabies 2. Morphology of Rabies 3.

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Antigenic Structures of Rabies 4. Laboratory Diagnosis of Rabies 5. Prophylaxis of Rabies 6.

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Dose Schedule of Vaccine for Rabies 7. Prevention and Control of Rabies 8. Vaccine for [ ]. Oct 16,  · View and download rabies essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your rabies essay.

Rabies Essay Words | 4 Pages. Abstract Rabies is a highly infectious viral disease that can easily ruin and eventually end the lives of both humans and animals alike. Free Essay: Abstract Rabies is a highly infectious viral disease that can easily ruin and eventually end the lives of both humans and animals alike.


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