Describe in detail the relationship between sociology and other social sciences

Anthropologists greatly benefited by the Sociological researches. Physiological psychology considers the physical processes that underlie thinking, feeling and perceiving.

What is the relationship between Sociology and Anthropology?

Park, sociology is the abstract; history is the concrete science of human experience and human nature. Mc Dougall and Freud were of the view that whole of the social life could be reduced finally to psychological forces. The life of man is many-sided.

Sociology is concerned therefore not only with human economic and political activity but rather with all aspects of human social life. The forms of government, the nature of governmental organs, the laws and sphere of the state activity are determined by the social process.

Marx opines economic relations constitute the foundation of Society. But in spite of the above close relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences differ from each other from different angles which are described below. Political Science deals with organised communities only. Economics greatly enriches sociological knowledge.

One is a mental system while the other is a social system. As such the relationship between economics and sociology is very intimate. It is not necessary that similar environments should produce similar cultures. Sociology has shown a new path, a new dimension to other social sciences.

Knowledge of biology is also essential for understanding the problems concerned with marriage and family. More precisely, it is defined by Kroeber as the science of man and his works and behavior. Fourthly, Sociology employs mainly historical method in the investigation of its problems.

Besides sociology synthesizes other social sciences. Indeed on some occasions claims have been made that sociology is an all-inclusive science as seen in the work of Comte, and to some extent even Parsons.

Relationship of Sociology with other Sciences

Their relationship will be clear if we analyze their inter-relationship and mutual dependency. They recognise the importance among other things of psychological factors in understanding the changes in social structure.

This relation is therefore important to learners of sociology in that it helps to provide information needed on those discipline on which is advantageous to sociologists. Economics is concerned with material welfare of man which is common welfare.

Sociology and Political Science: Anthropology believes in practical research. Further, Sociology and Social Psychology deal with social life from different angles. According to Comte and Spencer, there is no difference whatsoever between the two. It studies human interaction and inter-relations their conditions and consequences.

There are many common points between the two. Sociology studies institutions, customs and manners as they are or have been while Ethics looks upon them as they ought to be.

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences (5185 Words)

Hence sociology depends on political science to comprehend itself. The focus of sociologist is social interaction. In the same way, some of the conclusions drawn by sociologists have also helped the anthropologists. Sociology is concerned with the study of the historical development of the societies.

The origin of family, marriage, religion etc.

The Relationship of Sociology with Other Social Sciences

Anthropology thus devotes its attention entirely to the study of man and his culture as they developed in times long past. Sociology differs from economics in matters of unit of analysis.There is a close relationship between sociology and the other social sciences.

How Does Sociology Differ From Other Social Science Disciplines?

Given how much overlap there is between these fields, why does sociology still exist as a discipline? All the other fields are more specialized, but sociology is a field that considers a huge intellectual territory.

(iv) Social Anthropology. Social Anthropology studies man as a social being. It has been rightly said that 'social anthropology deals with the behavior of man in social situations.' According to some scholars, 'Social anthropology and sociology are in their broad sense, one and the same'.

There are others who regard it as a branch of sociology. Sociology is one of the first field of social “sciences” which tried to explain society and human from a scientific perspective, claiming that interactions between humans and the construction of society, cultures, ideologies etc can be understood and analyzed as neatly as other natural sciences trying to understand the natural world.

Relationship Between Sociology and Other Social Sciences & Relationship Between Sociology and Economics Essay Hence there is a close and intimate relationship between sociology and other social sciences.

A multi-disciplinary field, Sociology draws from a variety of other social sciences. Home › Resources › The relationship between sociology and social Sciences The relationship between sociology and social Sciences Date Posted: 4 Conclusion In conclusion sociology is closely related to other social sciences.

This relation is therefore important to learners of sociology in that it helps to provide information. Sociology examines social interactions and human society as a whole, while other social sciences focus on more specific areas of social interaction Other social sciences include economics, political science and psychology, among others.

Sociology can be defined as the use of scientific methods to.

Describe in detail the relationship between sociology and other social sciences
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