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Or that you have an awesome collection of antique shoelaces?

Repeat offenders will be banished to the spam folder. Listing body parts makes us yawn. Submissions will be closed from September 1, — December 31, The objectification of women pisses us off.

Try to explain Damianov press particular area of geekiness to a general audience so well we all fall in love with it through you.

Damianov Press

Deluging us with email makes for cranky editors, who are likely to not publish you out of sheer spite. Better think Maxine Kumin. Form poems in which the form takes pcedence over the content.

Expssing the inexpssible or illuminating the ordinary with a rare and textured light. Make sure your submission includes no more than 3 three poems or 1 one essay. We pfer to read submissions in 12pt. Please allow us a few days to respond, we may be off Damianov press A Life.

Hell bent on sending form poems? Authors whose work is reprinted in an anthology will receive a payment of 1 one copy of the anthology in which their work appears.

Paste your work in the body of the email with a horizontal line between poems. Until such time as we are not broke, we can only pay in publication credits, ego boo stsand our gratitude. Name-dropping and extraneous references that do not illuminate the subject.

Formatting that does not add to content. The original is generally better. Uniquely personal takes on unimaginably huge subjects.

We do not publish fiction of any kind. Hateful speech against a person or group. No simultaneous submissions or pviously published work. Anything that would make a great greeting card or after-school special script.

Unusual points of view. We publish lyrical essays, poetry book reviews, and poetry. Attempts to justify your student loan payments by making sure everyone knows how damn smart you are.

Dămfīno pss

Quirky humor, or, for that matter, quirky sadness. Masturbatory indulgence in cleverness for the sake of cleverness. How you love what you love with all your twisted little heart. We like quirky across the range of human experience.

Do not send us solicitations. Any writing generated solely to show the upstanding-ness of the author by his or her emphatic demonstration of basic human empathy. Transparent, uncredited imitations of another writer. How the Great Vowel Shift affects our interptation of Shakespeare? This generally also includes bitter break-up poems whose sole purpose is to demonstrate what an asshole your ex was.

A treatise on the use of Jungian Archetypes in anime? We are not interested in giving you a cookie for failing to be a jerk to others.

Maybe tell us what you had for breakfast?Michelle Sipe Chapter Four: Case Damianov Press 1) What are some of the challenges that Damianov Press is facing in its new business?

Damianov Press is facing challenges in the economic collapse after the fall of Communism. Find her work at Best American Sports WritingSport Literate, Mary: A Journal of New Writing, Evening Street Review, Water-stone Review; New York Times Magazine, damselfly press, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, The Boiler Journal, Cactus Heart Press, Memoir, Little White Poetry Journal, Sugar Mule 42opus, Ghoti, Breadcrumb Scabs.

Damian Press Freelance Music & Sound Design. Greifswalderstr. 9 Berlin +49 15 [email protected] Vladimir Damianov liked this Why Can't The Democrats Find New Young Talent? Bernie Sanders is a nice old man and an extreme socialist who leans so far to the left it is Title: Senior Director, New Business.

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Damianov press
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