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That ties in with any unexplained injuries that may be spotted on the child at any given time. Signs may or not prove that maltreatment or abuse is occurring however awareness of the signs and symptoms needs to be clearly understood P3 Explain the factors that would lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse Within health and social care settings where children and young people are concerned, it is important to know the different types of maltreatment, the risks of maltreatment and the indicators of maltreatment which may suggest other conclusions.

They may also injure to self-harming as they find it as a relief to the other pain which is being conflicted onto them within their life.

Children and young people who suffer from this would have more sensitivity to negative criticism and rejection as well as being shy and socially awkward.

Emotional and psychological dysfunction affecting relationships can occur, where the child may have displaced their anger for their parents on to a friend or another loved one, without realising and caused damage to themselves and the others around them.

For someone who has the avoidant personality disorder may show signs of avoiding work, social, or school activities due to having the fear of criticism or rejection. Also they may have sexually transmitted infections due to sexual abuse which could have happened within their childhood or teenage years, which makes them suffer for the rest of their lives.

There are different behaviours which the children may show which can be indicators of maltreatment occurring within the family home. For example; justify reasons why it may at times be necessary to remove a child from the family home and place into care.

Withdrawal from activities and not participating can be an Children young people and families essay, as well as aggression towards either the other children or staff.

Neglect happens when the parents choose to simply ignore the child.

The children would want to be respected; their views heard, stable relationships with professionals built on trust and for consistent support provided for their individual needs.

A psychosomatic disorder is a disease which involves both the mind and body. This can also occur if they have missed the important milestone of learning basic things at a certain age due to the abuse the child was receiving off their parents and not being taught the need to know basics of life.

Caring For Children and Young People

This makes it difficult for them to connect with other people just for simple friendships, and if within a relationship, they may feel afraid to share any personal information or talking about your feelings, which all makes it hard to maintain any relationships.

It may affect one or more organs or tissue types and the most commonly affected organs and tissues include: They may be left with an unwanted pregnancy due to their childhood.

Children, Young People and Families Essay

This is bad as the abuse would have continued within their family and causes more problems for when their children grow up and as they continue making the family line, signs of abuse may be evident within every generation. You may want to discuss previous real-life cases where child abuse has occurred and the intervention or lack of intervention that has taken place, for example Victoria Climbie and Peter Connolly.

Have low self-esteem and choose to self-isolate themselves from others. As a health and social care professional it is inessential that you are area of the indicators which can suggest any forms of maltreatment within the children and younger people.

Range Procedures where maltreatment is considered, suspected, confirmed or excluded: Keeping no secrets within cases of abuse is important as the children and young people may feel like they are missing out on important information which could be about being helped with the situations they are currently in.

Range Theories of maltreatment: Most diseases which are developed are mainly psychosomatic diseases as there is a mental aspect to every physical disease, due to how we react and cope.

With children and young people, you would be respectful and use the child-centred approach, which is safeguarding the children and young people with services that are effective and have a clear understanding of the needs and views of children.

With parents and families, there are different strategies and methods which are used to minimise the harm where abuse is confirmed. The child may show some sort of distressed behaviour while they are within care of the professionals.

This ca be the same with harassment as someone would constantly be harassing another individual, probably for no particular reason and it would cause that individual to be agitated and they may feel the need to apply inappropriate behaviours either towards the individuals bullying or harassing them or towards themselves, which could be more tragic for their families and friends.

They may also be afraid to speak up as they have the fear of saying something wrong, blushing, stammering or just simply getting embarrassed.

Working with children,young people and families - Essay Example

Compared to this there can be physical effects which are caused from the mental illness as you may not eat well or take care of yourself very well which would cause your physical problems.

Policies of the setting; Implementing safe working practices; Whistleblowing; Reporting arrangements; Security of records; Sequence of events leading to registration on child protection register or care proceedings Roles and responsibilities: If there is a link within family history of abuse it can increase the risk of abuse happening due to the fact it has happened before in previous generations, there is more of a chance it may happen again.

Giving the children and young people support on their assertiveness and self-confidence, to help them feel better about themselves regardless of the situation they are in, which would make them feel like they can tackle the problems and find a way out.

Substance abuse may occur as the young people may find it relieving to excessively drink as it takes the pain away and by abusing drugs. They may also have impairments which would make it harder for them to look after their child properly and without them realising it may lead to neglect.Parents Of Children Children And Young People Essay Abstract.

Parents of children with moderate and severe disability do not experience augment levels of stress than parents with non disabled child, however the level of stress is dependent on the coping strategies that families used to deal with the stress that they undergoes.

Case Study Four (appendix one) describes a family which due to multiple issues including separated parents with mental health needs, siblings living apart, aggressive behaviour and truancy they present an extremely complex case for any social worker. Free Essay: Safeguarding children and young people Within our school there are policies set in place and it is important that staff know the.

Caring For Children and Young People. or any similar topic specifically for you. young people and their families. With children and young people, you would be respectful and use the child-centred approach, which is safeguarding the children and young people with services that are effective and have a clear understanding of the needs and.

Discuss the skills and attitudes required to work with children, young people and families In this essay I will be researching policies, frameworks and reports that have highlighted skills and attitudes required to work with children, young people and families.

Children, Young People and Families Examine how relevant policy, theory and research should inform social work practice in the Smith-Jones-Khan case.

Children young people and families essay
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