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Maintaining his stamina and having fun when battling is essential for him. Your last time on the BC One Stage was in He describes his battle strategy as: There are many different styles of making it.

I am looking forward to the competition because there is a lot of money to win which I can invest it in my brewing company IPA, Indian Pale Ale.

Like every B-Boy there is a preparation into getting ready for a event. I can feel it," he adds. Your personal travel advice to other dancers? I have many years of experience with training and conditioning myself to the point where I can feel comfortable with my performance without having to train so hard before a specific event.

The sea bead represents the Ojo, which keeps you aware and safe. If I want to sleep I take a window seat other then that I prefer aisle.

I also hand-craft necklaces based off of my Native tribe Yaqui as a spiritual uplift and to spread culture throughout the people. Very experimental with movement, he has tried salsa, house and modern dance as well as capoeira in an effort to incorporate them into his B-Boying and complete his style.

Respect to Silverback for giving the scenes in USA opportunity to go for something that big. I am flying to the city of Chongqing in China.

Not everyone can claim that, and I appreciate the time I have been brought into this world and into this dance, from my SourPatch days all the way up to now. My other advice would be to go see the city, go out.

When you fly do you prefer a Window or aisle seat? He has been a dancer for a long time and he even incorporates House dancing into his B-Boying. What is your next B-Boy related destination?

What have you been up to lately? After finishing a two months tour of mainly teaching and judging in Hawaii, Poland and Slovakia B-Boy Thesis is back on the road again. My style developed Bboy thesis redbull building relationships and friendships and the respect that goes both ways.Tuscon's B-Boy Thesis showed the world why he earned a coveted Wild Card spot at the Red Bull BC One France World Final B-Boy Thesis to Battle in Paris Tuscon's B-Boy Thesis showed the world why he earned a coveted Wild Card spot at the Red Bull BC.

Nov 10,  · Running strong for 14 years, the Red Bull BC One has showcased the best in worldwide breaking. Forthe championship took place in the heart of one of our favorite European cities. That’s. He competed at the Red Bull BC One World Final in and While not every parent is encouraging when a child's unique ambition is to become a professional B-Boy, Thesis is grateful to have had major support from his mother and stepfather.

Dance is now more REAL than you thought:D II BBOY LILOU "Look Twice" Pockemon Crew a.a "la france d'en bas" Red Bull BC One Allstar Find this Pin and more on dance by Julian Patino. liluo this is alllllllll best.

Bboy thesis redbull
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