Astronomy flash cards

Boasting a diverse portfolio of astronomy education initiatives funded by NASA and the NSF, professional research journals and publications, and annual awards designed to recognize the achievements of professional and amateur astronomers as well as the work done by formal and informal educators, the ASP is unique in its mission to foster science literacy through the wonder and excitement of astronomy.

Brennan Award is given to an individual demonstrating excellence in the teaching of astronomy at the high school level in North America. Trumpler Award is given each year to a recent recipient of the PhD degree in North America whose research is considered unusually important to astronomy.

There are now 48 lenses in two clusters that can reach a limit of 32 magnitudes per square arc second in a hour exposure over a large field of view. The main Astronomy flash cards of using clickers is the electronic culling of voting data.

He was the professor of the year at his university in This is still somewhat controversial, but undoubtedly the Dragonfly array is making waves. In addition he founded the St. It demonstrates a natural division among planets, on par with the division between rocky planets, ice giants, and gas giants in our Solar System.

The recipient is Don Ficken, a member of the St. Certainly, there is evidence that students are excited about using the technology, but does the use of clickers in voting change the pedagogical landscape?

Several generations of students have been inspired to a greater interest, in and involvement with, astronomy through his passion.

Astronomy flash cards

Trumpler Award to Dr. In addition to exoplanet research, Tan has also discovered three supernovae, and made significant amateur contributions to microlensing and supernova follow-up observations. In addition to his professional efforts, Dr.

He encourages students to do their own research in educational techniques or materials, and then brings them to conferences he attends. He is just the kind of Astro professor this award was designed to recognize.

Ficken also produced the June 19, Saint Louis Solar Eclipse Expo attended by over 4, people which included the procurement and distribution of oversolar eclipse-viewing glasses at no cost to pre-college students and their educators.

The ASP is dedicated to bringing together professionals, amateurs, educators, and enthusiasts for the purpose of increasing the understanding of astronomy and improving how we teach that knowledge to others.

Solar System flash cards

But how to vote? In this way, colored flash cards printed with a letter on them are held up to indicate a vote. This has been achieved despite relatively poor urban seeing conditions and a collecting area of only 12" of aperture at his home observatory near Perth, Western Australia.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Brennan Award Image Credit: The Dean of Edinboro University wrote about Dr.Harvard s Paul Green introduces the idea of students teaching each other, gives resources, and printable flash cards. Astronomy is the largest circulation popular astronomy magazine; it also has a line of astronomy books.

The Star Deck is a set of constellation and astronomy flash cards which I designed to be used as an educational tool or game. At least one student I know has used them to prepare for the Science Olympiad. Click here to study/print these flashcards.

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Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Learn about moons, planets, spectral types, and a host of other astronomical facts and definitions with these flashcards. You can even study while you. A list of resources to help students study Earth Science. Make sure to remember your password.

If you forget it there is no way for StudyStack to send you a reset link. Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Astronomy.

Astronomy flash cards
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