An analysis of the theme in im a fool by sherwood anderson

And it all came about through my own foolishness too. The swipes constant drive to forward himself and his unchanging philosophy of life give him a consistency that makes him appear very real to the reader.

First of all I went downtown and walked about with the dudes. Get started by clicking the "Add" button. I never cared much about that when I was swiping a horse.

You know how it is. Gosh darn his eyes. He was a gelding and had a mark of 2. He had Bucephalus, a big black pacing stallion that could do 2. I was glad I had those twenty-five cent cigars in my pocket and right away I give that fellow one and lit one myself.

There was one fellow who kept saying to everyone who wanted a lawn mowed or a cistern cleaned, that he was saving money to work his way through college, and I used to lay awake nights thinking up ways to injure him without being found out.

I'm a Fool Themes

But you know how a fellow is. And so everyone was gone to the fair but just this one nigger and he took us all through Mr. And the town was full of farmers gaping, because they could see you were racehorse people, and the kids maybe never see a nigger before and was afraid and run away when the two of us walked down their main street.

I wish I had that fellow right here that had on a Windsor tie and carried a cane. Gee whizz, it was fun. Did you ever see such a fool? And then they give me a jolt.

Mathers had hid in his bedroom, back in a closet, without his wife knowing, and he showed us this Ahem horse. Well, I never saw a fellow treat any one sweller. And me trying to pass myself off for a big-bug and a swell—to her, as decent a little body as God ever made.

During the summer before I had left my home town with Harry Whitehead and, with a nigger named Burt, had taken a job as swipe with one of the two horses Harry was campaigning through the fall race meets that year.

Using a first-person voice to catch the narrator in contradictions that expose just how big a fool he really is This is a brilliant little story. I got the place with Harry and I liked Burt fine.

Mathers had one child, a daughter, kinda sick and not very good looking, and she came home and we had to hustle and get About Ben Ahem stuck back in the barn. There was a lot of horsemen and strangers and dressed-up people from other towns standing around in the lobby and in the bar, and I mingled amongst them.

He and the girls were nice to me right from the start and clear to the end. There I was, big boob that I am. One can see another such example of his consistency of character in his choice of Burt as a friend; this choice demonstrates his efforts to make himself appear superior.

Pretty soon the race was over, and Wilbur had gone down and collected our money, and we had a hack downtown, and he stood us a swell supper at the West House, and a bottle of champagne beside. What I mean is, she was O.Essay on The Many Themes in Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio - The Many Themes in Winesburg, Ohio Winesburg, Ohio is a compilation of short tales written by Sherwood Anderson and published as a whole in Discussion of themes and motifs in Sherwood Anderson's I'm a Fool.

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Anderson is implementing irony because what the narrator says is not what the reader knows to be true; the reader knows that these skills are of little or no importance in our society.

Another example of irony is when the narrator believes the whiskey and the well-dressed dandy caused him to lie to Lucy Wesson. Look for a summary or analysis of this Story.

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An analysis of the theme in im a fool by sherwood anderson
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