An analysis of one of the strangest books i have ever read

It may be suprising to some that a reference book could be either strange or wonderful, but this book is both. One of the reasons the Rohonc Codex has remained undecyphered for so long is its apparent alphabet. Chaos ensues when a married couple become trapped inside and experience the fourth dimension.

Nearly every word and ever sentence in Finnegans Wake can be read a dozen ways on account of deliberate misspellings and invented portmanteaus that hint at other words--in up to sixty different languages!

10 Of The Most Bizarre Books Ever Written

Dee opened the conversation by asking if the book meant anything. This collection of stories is about a genius named Gallegher who can invent astonishing machines but only when seriously drunk. He eventually begins to spend his spare time lounging around a swimming pool in a resort built by himself and completely inhabited by versions of himself at different ages.

It was, moreover, an unusually transparent tegument, and through its pallor the branches of her veins and arteries spread, not blue and scarlet, but vivd green and golden. Some of the final illustrations were laid out on massive sheets of paper over 3 meters 10 ft wide.

The Rohonc Codex has nearly separate symbols in its pages, and no matter how many scholars take a crack at it, nobody can agree on a translation, let alone a general geographic area where it might have been written.

Deutsch when the Boston subway system becomes so complicated that trains begin to disappear. Square, a resident of a two-dimensional world who is lifted up into three-dimensional space and set down again to rave like a madman before the unseeing denizens of his world.

Again, nothing unusual about that; plenty of early religious texts did it. The stories, in particular, are wonderful and hard to find. Intricately detailed, the Codex Mendoza is broken into three sections.

They break the mold of the typical book by bringing something new to the medium. The main character, is a 15 year old lad named Alex whose life consists of crime, cruelty, and recklessness.

His protagonist even finds a way to give birth to himself! The story moves from the village, to the "pampas and plateaux of dream," to a world of crystal caves beneath a pool at end of the stream. My second-favorite story, Smith of Wootton Majoris available elsewhere.

Two of my favorites: Titus is the element of change that sends a shiver through the frozen stones of this intricate, disturbing, and deeply realized world.

Parigi Books Written in a language that no one understands and filled with illustrations of surreal, impossible things, Codex Seraphinianus is possibly the strangest encyclopedia in the world.20 Strange and Wonderful Books Here, then, are twenty strange and wonderful books from my library.

Even if you have no curiosity about my inner life, you will profit by coming to know any one of these books. This is the only book I've ever read which turns inside out with a single piece of punctuation. The punctuation mark in question. 8 Most Peculiar Must Read Books Ever Written. Posted by Why Read | Feb 13, and leave you with a long lasting impression.

These are the most peculiar and strange must read books ever written. 1. Naked Lunch – William S. Burroughs The Raw Shark Texts is the one. Hall totally unleashes the power of words and memories in the form. Jul 02,  · 10 of the Weirdest Novels Ever Written. Updated on July 29, Arthur Windermere.

more. The order in which one chooses to read the chapters matters little. 6. Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician to read the chapters from the books the Reader reads but never gets to finish and which you will never get to finish. Reviews: THE RESTRAINED WRITING NOVEL TO END ALL RESTRAINED WRITING NOVELS.

This is the most famous and the best, and one of the most persistently fascinating books I’ve ever read, and an all-time favourite.

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This is the only book that’s ever been written where we, the readers, are the heroes. The 9 Strangest Books Of All Time For Readers Unafraid Of Taking A Risk So these are some the strangest books of all time.

Read at your own risk. here are a few of the strangest books ever. When asked what the strangest book I have ever read was I struggled to come up with a single title, not because I haven’t read any bizarre books but because I have read too many. Anything from Richard Laymon is very peculiar, Clive Barker is barking and I remember reading (or rather partially.

An analysis of one of the strangest books i have ever read
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