9gag writing a cover

Started in HongKong, China. You need to be detailed about the change and supply reliable sources for any factual changes. Thanks, Celestra talk A few words about this perhaps?

Taking it out until someone writes something better. Not an acronym so should not be capitalised. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page. Or could I for example translate some of the information with links and references and put it in the talk section to be patched into the main article?

Is this worthy of mention or is it arbitrary? Also, this sentence is too damn long. They can debate that there. This page should be opened, as I lack the time to open an account, and I have information about a recent attack on 9gag that took place concerning 4chan. If I may, here is my proposal: After "attacks" store was taken down.

I found rankings for other countries like th in South Africa, 50th in Croatia etc but I think it would make more sense to remove national rankings rather than adding more of them. This template is used to make changes in an article which has been semi-protected. Somebody else already mentioned this in their rant.

It does NOT belong here. Gags have also been used to lobby support for different campaigns and causes. No further edits should be made to this section.

See their about page. Sad to hear about all the deaths and injuries. If you are connected to the subject, please read our policy on conflict of interest. You could also go to WP: However, as stressed before, the global ranking is quite important so I think that maybe instead of being in its own section, we can include it in the summary?

Leave the article be and let editors and contributors improve it. Here are the links. Please do not modify it. TMwe override "official" style preferences in favor of conventional English. If you could do translation and provide reliable links that would be appreciated. It seems to me that all the other language editions have more information on 9gag than the English version.

Essentially, you need to be careful to remain neutral and use sources to back up any first-hand knowledge.Talk:9GAG Jump to The cyber bulling part was taken down completely.

I think its 9gag users wanting to cover their bisbehaviour. I'm requesting to take this part up again. It's like writing on the "nazi party" article only the propaganda they spread, without the real story.

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9gag writing a cover
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